Welcome to Home@uto homepage, we are a Singapore registered  company with branch in Malaysia (Johor Bahru) where we focus on customize holistic smart home technology for our valued customers. 

Our vision is to introduce smart home technology into every single home or unit in Southeast Asia by the following principles:

  • Our Customer safety and security is our top priority.
  • Every customer is uniquely different.

Want to make the difference

We are a young start up with vision to bring smart home technology to a young market of 32 millions people in Singapore and Malaysia. Our market exposure is estimate to be US$0.5 Billions in Asia alone.

Our focus is to create value proposition for our customers of all ages that smart home technology is no longer a luxury for few but a necessity for all now. 

With an integrated system of unique smart hub, designer smart switches and market available smart speaker, we strive to create a good penetration level into the mass market of 80% non-user of smart home technology. 

Progressively, Home@uto is going to add-on security system device and home improvement device into the single APP platform for a simple, easy to control and fast access on your mobile devices.